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Lenny & Jerri - Kerrville, TX

You are Yellowstone

Thank you Ranger Pete for helping us to see what your eyes have seen in the natural and majestic beauty of Yellowstone National Park. The thoughtful and insightful manner in which you presented our itinerary made us feel like you were with us on the trip. Your passion and love for Yellowstone is evident through our conversations with you and your website. The sheer natural beauty of the park - the 'magic' of Yellowstone is not lost. You can see It by virtue of the many visitors from around the world who experience it's magnificence daily. Ranger Pete, you are Yellowstone and it is you. Thank You.

Scott - Raleigh, NC

‛Bucket List’ Experience

Ranger Pete's knowledge, passion and planning delivered an inspiring ‛bucket list’ experience. Yellowstone is an enormous and intimidating place, but Ranger Pete gave me a gift I'll always treasure. Thanks again!

Angela - Dallas, TX

Little Piece of Heaven

Website looks great! I got teary eyed looking at the YNP photos! So thankful that you showed me that wonderful little piece of heaven on earth!

John & Allison - Hattisburg, MS

Helped open our eyes

Never have I met someone so passionate and knowledgeable about Yellowstone that he helped open our eyes to its beauty and wonder! Can't wait for our next visit!

Jimmy - Pike Road, AL

Before and After

BEFORE a visit with Ranger Pete...Love the book library! Great resource for planning my next (and first) trip to Yellowstone. Thanks Ranger Pete! AFTER a visit with Ranger Pete...My recent trip would have been far less an experience without your passion for Yellowstone. Thank you for sharing it with me and for stirring in me the same yearning to return to this most wondrous of places, to explore, extract and enjoy all it has to offer.

Jan - Montgomery, AL

Wonderful Website

Thank you so much for the wonderful website. We visited the park when our children were small and seeing the pictures brought back wonderful memories. I also enjoyed the YNP Trivia portion of the site and am looking forward to watching for more beautiful pictures.

Danielle & Lance - Oak Mountain, AL

Ranger Pete is passionate

Ranger Pete is passionate about Yellowstone and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with everyone. My husband and I would go on a Ranger Pete tour anytime and have already starting talking about when we can go again!

Deena - Montgomery, AL

AWESOME vacation

Thank you for helping our pack plan an AWESOME vacation! Because of your trip ticking I think the only animal we did not see was a gray wolf. Amazing trip! Wonderful memories! Great pictures!

3rd Graders/Briarwood School - Hoover, AL

Thanks Ranger Pete

We want to thank Ranger Pete for the hats and all the cool facts about Yellowstone National Park that he taught us!

Margaret - Birmingham, AL

Tremendous Help

Yellowstone is as immense as it is beautiful! Unlike Yosemite, a large number of miles must be covered in a day in order to make the best of any trip. Having an itinerary written by a 'ranger' with years of personal experience was a tremendous help.

Susan - Millbrook, AL

Pics are Fabulous

Website is looking great! The pics are fabulous! I’m ready to take a trip!

Doug - Geyser Springs, AR

Ranger Pete Rocks

I love the site. The photos look great. Ranger Pete Rocks!

Claire - Montgomery, AL

Less Stressful Vacation

This summer, my family took a vacation to Yellowstone National Park and the Great Teton National Park. This trip was very different for my family, and Ranger Pete's information was so helpful to us! He really knows the best way to get around and see as much as you can. We felt that no time was wasted as we explored hiking trails, witnessed Old Faithful erupt, and saw miles of magnificent scenery. Really pay attention to the advice that Ranger Pete gives in his itinerary; you won't regret pulling off the road for that scenic view or trying that restaurant that he suggests! Thanks to Ranger Pete for helping to make our vacation less stressful and so so fun!!

David - Atlanta, GA

Trip of a Lifetime

Had a trip of a lifetime with Ranger Pete in Yellowstone. He made the time fun and informative. It was simple, just gave him the keys to the car and he escorted me all over the park enjoying sunrise to sunsets. Great hikes and we experienced “National Geographic” moments while we observed the wildlife. Loved it so much can’t wait to share the park with my family. Thanks Ranger Pete for an unforgettable trip.

Jill - Montgomery, AL

Such a Wonderful Experience

Thanks for helping to make our Yellowstone trip the adventure of a lifetime! We are so grateful for all the tips you passed along to us so we could have such a wonderful experience!... thank you again for sharing your knowledge to help families make the most of their Yellowstone Adventure.

Jeff - Pike Road, AL

I Can’t Wait to Return Next Year!

I’ve traveled many places around our globe & I have to say that Yellowstone is now one of my favorites. It is hard to put into words the vastness and raw beauty I was able to witness. One of the things that made it even more special, I was traveling with Ranger Pete. We watched the sun rise every morning, hiked many miles, saw beautiful wildlife’s and waterfalls! Ranger Pete takes you off the beaten path to experience Yellowstone in unforgettable ways.  I wouldn’t have know where to even start without him. I can’t wait to return next year! Thanks Ranger Pete!

Edward - Montgomery, AL

Going with Ranger Pete is a must!

If you’ve never been to Yellowstone you’ve got to go, but going with Ranger Pete is a must. I wanted to see Old Faithful & the Inn & the sights that this beautiful place is known for, but I also wanted to get off the beaten path, and experience the rawness of this awesome park! Ranger Pete delivered on both! I had the experience of a lifetime as we hiked to waterfalls, climbed to mountain tops and totally enjoyed this beautiful place called Yellowstone National Park! Ranger Pete, you delivered in a big way & I can’t be more thankful! I’m already dreaming of coming back, but the highest compliment I can give you, is that I will bring my friends back with me & you will be leading us! Thanks again Ranger Pete!

S. Giles - Prattville, AL

Thank You Ranger Pete!

On our trip we used many of the Ranger Pete tips that we found very useful.  Weather considerations are always important while traveling, because the weather may impact roads being open or closed.  I would not have thought about wearing warm clothing and being worried about ice on the roadways.  These tips really help you plan for the unexpected.  Additionally, the Ranger Pete gear is both comfortable and attractive.  Thank you ranger Pete for helping make our Yellowstone trip wonderful!

Martha - Montgomery, AL

I love the Ranger Pete shirts! 

Ranger Pete has provided great information to me for planning my trip to Yellowstone.  His advice on lodging, rental cars, things to do, hiking, weather, food, and the surrounding area has been invaluable.  He even provided a detailed itinerary.  And I love the Ranger Pete shirts!

Mark - Colorado Springs, CO

Great information and tips for my recent visit.

Just wanted to say thank you for the great information and tips for my recent visit to Yellowstone. Having been a number of times already the encouragement to see different areas was very helpful.

Mike - Montgomery, AL

Don’t go to Yellowstone without Ranger Pete!

Don’t go to Yellowstone without Ranger Pete! If you can’t take him, take his app. Usually when my wife and I go on a National Park Vacation, I do a lot of research on the hikes we want. First, the Ranger Pete Itinerary was awesome in that it broke down the areas of Yellowstone we wanted to hike. Next, planning these hikes would normally take me hours of merging information from different sites, but Ranger Pete breaks down the degree of difficulty, the mileage, and the durations, doing all of the prep work for me! Good job Ranger Pete. Thanks!