Top 5 Books from the Ranger PeteTM Library

Top 5 Books from the Ranger PeteTM Library

Top 5 Books from the Ranger PeteTM Library

The challenge is picking a handful of books from dozens and dozens (and dozens of books) that I have complied of the years.  And although my interests do sway from time to time, The Ranger Pete library focuses on park history.

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BOOK No. 1

Yellowstone: The Official Guide to Touring America's First National Park

By the Yellowstone Association

An indispensable resource for Yellowstone visitors. Newly updated guidebook provides information to assist with all aspects of your trip, from reservations to road maps to recommended activities. The guide will explain Yellowstone's human and geologic history, providing information on the natural features with guidance on how to view the free-ranging wildlife and geothermal features safely. Along with a map of the entire park, the guide also includes an easy-to-use field guide section which contains color photos and descriptions of many of the park's most common mammals, plants, wildflowers, and birds.

BOOK No. 2

Yellowstone: A Wilderness Besieged

By Richard A. Bartlett

There are a multitude of books on the history of Yellowstone. Aubrey Haines has a 2-book set entitled The Yellowstone Story and is referred as the "Yellowstone Bible". It is a comprehensive overview and a great resource guide for history buffs, but can be overwhelming to the general public. For a basic Yellowstone history lesson I would suggest this book. It is a detailed, well-documented history of the establishment (in 1872), growth, and maturation of Yellowstone National Park...America's (and the world's) first national park.

BOOK No. 3

Yellowstone Mileposts

By Thomas P. Bohannan

This "mile by mile" description of the park reveals hidden history. It is a must read for any park know-it-all and trivia addict. As people travel through Yellowstone National Park each day, they often come across buildings or points of interest along the roadway for which there is no publicly-accessible background information. Every single day the park's rangers, tour guides, and concession employees field hundreds of questions about these sites. And many have said, "There ought to be a book..." Well, now there is! It is one of the most comprehensive guides to Yellowstone National Park available to the public.

BOOK No. 4A & 4B

Old Faithful Inn: Crown Jewel of National Park Lodges

By Karen Wildung Reinhart and Jeff Henry

Writer Karen Wildung Reinhart and nature photographer Jeff Henry, have compiled a lovely and complete history of the Old Faithful Inn. These topnotch local authors have thoroughly researched the Inn and will reveal the answers to history questions and long-wondered mysteries of the building. Complemented by beautiful photographs, this book is a memorable tribute to a building that has been an American icon since its construction in 1904.

Grand Lady of the Lake

By Michelle Trappen

In 1891, the Northern Pacific Railway began erecting a grand hotel overlooking magnificent Yellowstone Lake to welcome visitors to the magical western park dubbed "Wonderland" - where geysers erupt, waterfalls plunge, and wild animals roam. The oldest hotel in America's national park system has endured as a destination beloved by millions. Michelle Trappen's photo-packed book celebrates the hotel's 125th birthday and tells the remarkable story of a true survivor-the Grand Lady of the Lake.

BOOK No. 5

Women in Wonderland: Lives, Legends, and Legacies in Yellowstone National Park

By Elizabeth A. Watry

This book profiles undaunted women who made their mark on Yellowstone National Park. The women profiled in the book range from Marguerite “Peg” Arnold, an intrepid adventurer who drove a Harley Davidson motorcycle from Philadelphia to Yellowstone in 1924 and was the first woman to become a permanent ranger in the National Park Service, to Dr. Mary Meagher, an expert on Yellowstone’s bison and overall park ecology, who blazed a path for women scientists in the park service. Among the early pioneers in the tourist trade were sisters Anna Trischman Pryor and Belle Trischman with their “Devil’s Kitchenette”, and Ida “Mom” Eagle of the Eagle’s Store in West Yellowstone.



More great books are available through the park gift shops, the Yellowstone Forever Association resource centers, or their on-line shop. Or you can ask Ranger Pete... always am glad to help.